Chemical Safety (Massage Monday #465)

I often say to use organic products. I know it’s more expensive than non-organic products at that time but I am wary of eating pesticides which may costs my health more damage later. I know pesticides are used even in organic farming, but I still believe taking in less chemical is better for your health.

Anyway, there are all kinds of chemicals everywhere in our food, water, air, cosmetics, and skincare. I don’t think we can avoid them completely as long as we choose to live in a civilized area and in a civilized society. Even if you move to a rural area you might be living under the chemtrails.

I am not a chemist. In fact, I hated chemistry in school. Whenever I want to look up a safety level of certain chemical, I go to Environmental Working Group’s website for a reference.

It’s an independent non-profit environmental activist organization. So of course, they get criticized by pro-chemical peeps.

For example, when I posted the Listerine Foot Soak last week, someone commented about the danger of Poloxamer 407. Since I cannot explain what it is, I looked it up on their Skin Deep where they rate more than 75,000 cosmetic products and each ingredient. According to the website, Poloxamer 407 came up as Low Hazard but with Limited data. This person said Poloxamer 407 causes cancer in mice. So I did a quick search but I couldn’t find a reference for that.

So with this limited information, all I’m going to say is make your decision for yourself. After all, only you can protect yourself with knowledge. I think I’ve said this before but everything you see and hear is someone else’s opinion whether old or new based on their beliefs of the source of information. And that’s including my babbling.

If you happen to know any other sites that grade the safety of the chemicals, please let me know.

Massage Monday #465 Chemicals Safety