Circle and wiggle these before you exercise

There is something that I’ve been doing for the last 30 years before I exercise, after my acupuncturist in Japan told me it would help loosen all the joints in the body. I’ve never seen anyone else do it or found any documentation about it. I’ve been doing it just because he said so. Last week I finally met an acupuncturist who confirmed this is true. I tend to believe when two people in different countries tell me the same thing. Now I can share with confidence.

Before you exercise, circle and wiggle each finger and each toe. If you forget to do your toes, no worries. Just do your fingers. I often forget to circle toes before I put on my shoes. The acupuncturist here told me there are lot of nerve endings on the fingertips and some acupressure points. This also brings circulations to the extremities.

I can also see benefits from reflexology perspective. There are different versions of reflexology charts out there but fingertips usually represent brain, eyes, and ears. By stimulating and activating these I have a feeling it helps you with the coordination when you exercise.

Why not incorporate this in your exercise routine?