Comfy Rest Product Review

Comfy Rest Product Review

When you massage someone on a massage table, there is a face cradle where you can put your face down and you can still breathe comfortably because there is a big opening underneath. But when you massage someone without a massage table on the floor and lying face down, you can’t put your face down because you can’t breathe. You can turn your neck to the side or use a big pillow to lift up the chest area so you can still drop down the head and breathe. Since I teach couples how to massage each other without massage table I was looking for a tool or device to help people lying face down and still breathe comfortably. And I came across this product called Comfy Rest. It comes with two legs. So I’m going to do a product review on this.

So the Comfy Rest comes with the plastic base just like the regular face cradle for the massage table. But it also comes with

another layer of plastic base, and there’s a spacer in between to create a space which is covered by this mesh. This creates the airway for people to breathe in and out as they’re lying face down. It also comes with nice padded cushion for the comfort for your face.

It also comes with these body support. Like two legs. Each section is filled with something. And these will help your shoulders to be raised as you lie face down to make it more comfortable. At the end of the body support there is this built in snap. As you can see there are snaps on the body too. You can put these snaps together to change the shape of the pillow for a different configuration for a different purpose which I will show you later. So I think that’s it. Let’s try this product.

Actually before I get started, I tried to figure out a way to remove this cover for a future wash. I see this zipper all the way around the base but there’s no zipper pull to open this. So I don’t know if it’s meant to stay on or can be removed because this tag says “Machine Wash Cold Water – Delicate Cycle Only.” So I don’t know if they mean to put the whole thing in the washing machine because I am hesitant to put the plastic pieces in the washing machine even if it’s a delicate cycle. So I’m kind of confused about that. Ok.

Since I couldn’t remove the cover for laundry later, I’m going to cover the surface area with Kleenex cause I didn’t want to touch it directly. I made sure that none of the Kleenex is covering any part of the airway outside and inside. Now I’m going to lie face down. I still made sure that the airway is open. Put the body support under the shoulder between the arm and the body under your armpit. It’s quite comfortable when you are lying on it. The counter you are seeing is the number of breaths I’m taking.

What I’m noticing is how small the opening is. It’s so much smaller compared to the regular face cradle for massage tables. After 4 or 5 breaths I have to take a deep breath because I feel like I was suffocating. I didn’t feel a lot of oxygen coming into my body. And about 7 or 8th breaths I had to either turn my neck to the side for more air or just get up.

The product came with an instruction sheet for different configurations for different use. So here are some examples. This is to lie on your side. It’s pretty comfortable. You can snap up the bottom of the body support to the top of the pillow and create this cushion. You can use this to ready your books on your lap. Or if you get hungry, you can flip the pillow around and put food on the top and eat from it. Or use it as a neck support while you travel. So this product has many uses by changing the configuration using the built in snaps but I was just looking for something that would allow me to lie face down and still breathe comfortably like I do with the massage table during a massage. Since this opening is so small for my face. I was kind of surprised because I didn’t think I had big face but maybe I do. And this airflow which is nice feature but I don’t think it’s quite big enough because I cannot breathe more than 7 or 8 breaths comfortably. Maybe I breathe heavily too which I didn’t know. And the inability to remove the cover because I’m used to changing the face cradle cover for every single client of course and for myself too. After single use I always wash it for the hygiene reason. Unfortunately this product doesn’t work for me for that particular purpose. Now if they ever come out with a bigger opening and bigger airflow and a removable cover, but cover I can just put a face cradle cover or something for each use. But if they ever come out with that revision of this product I would love to try again because those are the only things that were bugging me trying this product. Anyways I hope this review is helpful.

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