Video #4 – Components of Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging (Massage Monday #532)

In this video I will walk you through different components of Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging.

In the last three videos I talked about how Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging is a better way to bring out the natural, genuine beauty from the inside. I also showed you the new way to befriend your body parts and showed some examples of Omoiyari Touch using the acupressure that you can practice easily on a daily basis.

In case you haven’t watched those first three videos yet, make sure you do that right now because they’re filled with practical information that will shift your mindset to get the best results.

[1] Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging approach consists of four different components.

#1: The first component is appreciation. As I’ve already shared in video #2, your body parts have been working tirelessly probably without the recognition they deserve.

When you recognize and acknowledge your body parts and organs with overdue appreciation, they will be much happier to function just like you will be much happier if your hard work is recognized and appreciated.

Same thing with your partner. When you start treating your partner with appreciation I have no doubt they will be happier.

Appreciation is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. As you may know, we eat lots of rice. When I was a kid, I remember being told to eat every single grain of rice in the rice bowl to show appreciation to the farmers who put their heart in growing rice in their rice fields.

If I may use notable Japanese people, if you are familiar with Marie Kondo, she uses appreciation in her approach to declutter the room. She appreciates the space and the belongings as she tells you how to clear the closet or the room.

In Japanese Arigato means thank you. Ken Honda, the author of Happy Money, talks about appreciating money when you receive it by saying Arigato In. And also when you spend it by saying Arigato Out because hopefully you are appreciating the service or goods that you are choosing to pay.

Just remember that appreciation for your body or your partner doesn’t cost you anything but it can have a huge impact in a long run.

#2: The 2nd component is Omoiyari. Having appreciation makes it much easier to have Omoiyari. Omoiyari again is a caring act that comes from putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. It becomes natural when you have appreciation as a foundation.

When you do things with Omoiyari, it makes you feel good because you are being so generous, and you are doing something for the benefit of the other with no attachment. Omoiyari is a pure form of a generous contribution that you can do to yourself and others in any situation.

Recently, my friend lost his wallet in a train. He was hoping that someone would turn it in. And sure enough, someone turned it in and he was able to pick it up at the station the next day. It was because of the Omoiyari of the stranger who found my friend’s wallet. Without Omoiyari, his wallet would have been long gone.

#3: The third component is touch. I’ve mentioned that touch is very powerful and fundamental because it’s the first sense that we develop as we float around and maybe bumping into the wall inside of mother’s womb.

Touch is also a powerful communication tool. I love this phrase “Touch can communicate more love in 5 seconds than words can in 5 minutes” from a book Power of Touch. Sometimes hugs or caressing the back or simply holding the hand of someone in bed communicates your love better than words especially when you don’t know what to say.

On the other hand, touch without Omoiyari is not enjoyable. I can totally tell but even my friends who is not a massage therapist have told me they can tell when the massage therapist is just doing their job to fill the time. Even if you are really good with techniques, if there is no Omoiyari, the receiver can tell there is no heart in it.

Whether for yourself or for your partner, Omoiyari Touch will be used as a mean to heal from the inside and outside as well as a communication tool.

By the way, Omoiyari Touch was something that he created in our conversation when I told him about my project. Or I should say it was coined by Ken because he is the Happy Money person. Get it? Ken-san Arigatogozaimasu.

#4: The fourth component is routine. Like what we’ve done in the last video, routine doesn’t take hours of your day. It could be as little as few minutes a day.

Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging is a long-term approach to your physical and mental wellness. Western medicine is great for acute health issues focusing on a specific area and using the medicine to make a drastic change quickly. Eastern medicine is great for building a fundamental health by looking at the cause and effect and relationship between the different body parts and organs. The results of the long-term approach may not show overnight especially if it has taken you a long time to develop something. But it’s worth to implement a change in your daily lives to improve the quality of your life and get rid of pain and slow down the aging process.

So to recap, the four major components of Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging approach are: appreciation, Omoiyari, touch, and routine. In my upcoming Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle, I will show you in detail how you can use Omoiyari touch to heal yourself as well as your partner and use Japanese Acupressure as access points for the organs.

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In the next video, I will share a specific example and results of Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging so stay tuned.

See you in the next video in a few days.

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Massage Monday #532 Components of Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging

talk about what the component means and why is it important to pay attention to it. Or even to implement it. If you want to share some tips on how to do it is also nice.