Couples Massage Dos and Don’ts

Continuing with the Valentine’s Day theme this week I’m going to share 3 Dos and Don’ts of Couples Massage.

Starting with Dos. Please do these.

#1: Communicate clearly to your partner. Tell your partner if you want deeper or lighter pressure, faster or slower stroke, specific location using right, left, up or down. Your feedback helps your partner give you what you want. Remember to be nice as you give your directions because they are doing you a favor.

#2: Give what your partner wants instead of what you think your partner wants or needs. Clear your mind and listen to what he or she wants.

happy receiver#3: Acknowledge your partner. Always acknowledge your partner if some feels good during the massage. Acknowledgement gives motivation to the giver to do more of a good work. And don’t forget to say “Thank you” after the massage.

Now Couples Massage Don’ts. Please don’t do these.

hand hurting#1: Don’t massage everything by circling your straight thumbs because this will kill your thumbs. Giving massage is much easier if you learn to use your body weight and different parts of your body.

#2: Stop your action immediately if you or your partner have any pain while giving or receiving massage. You certainly do not want to hurt your partner and it’s just not worth hurting yourself to try to give a good massage.

kids tickling 2#3: Don’t tickle your partner unless your partner likes to be tickled. The whole idea is to give your partner a relaxing environment to completely enjoy the massage. Once you tickle your partner they will be on their guard and will not enjoy the massage.

Keep these in mind when you massage each other.

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Happy Massaging!

2-8-16 Couples Massage Dos and Don’ts