Couples Massage Tip – Turn and save your partner’s neck

This week I’m going to touch on the giver’s responsibility to turn and save the receiver’s neck.

When you massage the receiver lying face down on the floor and if there’s no pillow around to raise the torso, the receiver will have to turn the neck to one side to breathe easily. Especially if you are doing a good job, the receiver will most likely relax and fall asleep during the massage.

It is the giver’s responsibility to turn the receiver’s neck every so often. Otherwise, the receiver’s neck will get stuck in one position and result in the neck pain after the massage. Starting with every three minutes, tell the receiver to turn the neck to the other side. Then increase or decrease the number of minutes depending on the receiver’s flexibility and tolerance.

You do not want the receiver’s body to be in a worse condition after the massage than before the massage because then you’ll have to give more massages to fix the new issue.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 4-15-13: Turn your partner’s neck

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