[Daily Routine] SolaWave Review (Massage Monday #560)

Lately, I’ve been getting some requests to show my daily routines. This week I’m going to show you one of my daily routines called SolaWave

For some time now, I’ve been interested in red light therapy that I’ve seen at wellness shows. There are all kinds  of devices targeting different areas of your body and different purposes. But the devices I’ve seen are pretty bulky and pricy so I’ve been putting it off.

Then I came across SolaWave. When I learned about this little device for your face and its price, I immediately wanted to try it. And they generously sent me a package with the SolaWave Wand and the serum to use with it.

Let’s open up the box. It comes with important information about the wand which I will go over later. Getting Started Guide that has instructions on how to use it with pictures which is very helpful. More detailed guide. Wand that activates when you touch the head part. It started vibrating already and it surprised me. Then I learned it activates when you touch and there is no on/off switch which has been very convenient when I use it. 

The SolaWave Wand is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable. You can charge with the wall plug or computer’s USB port. They say not to use the fast chargers because they can damage the battery. It blinks while being charged and stays lit when it’s fully charged. You cannot use it while it’s plugged in.

A full-charge lasted about 2 weeks. But when I charged it again, I noticed a higher pitch in the motor which means the wand was losing its power over time. So I will charge it more often. 

This slim wand is very compact and light. It’s only 6 inches or 15 cm long, 0.9 oz or 27g and it comes with four functions, Red Light Therapy, Microcurrents, Facial Massage and Therapeutic Warmth. 

Red Light Therapy deeply rejuvenates skin. The SolaWave Wand uses visible red LEDs with a wavelength of 660 nanometers to improve the skin’s appearance and achieve a smooth and even tone.

Microcurrents are low-voltage electrical waves that help promote a refreshed appearance by stimulating the deeper layers of the skin.

I hope you all know the benefits of facial massage. It helps to decrease the puffiness, make your face look slimmer and refreshed. SolaWave Wand has a low vibration which gently massages the entire time.

Applying heat directly to the skin promotes improved local blood flow and opens pores. The SolaWave Wand heats up to about 100F or 37.8C which can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eye.

For more details you can read them on their website from the link below.

You can use this device in a straight form like this or T-shape whichever is comfortable as you work on different parts of your face. You always turn the head 90 degrees clockwise to make the T-shape and counter-clockwise 90 degrees to make it back to straight. Otherwise you will break the device.

Before making this video, I asked them some questions so as I demonstrate how I use this magic wand on myself, I will share the questions and answers. I usually go over 5-10 times but in this video I will show 3-5 times. 

After I wash my face and pat dry, I basically follow this instruction on the sheet. Instead of applying the serum on the entire face, I apply the serum by the sections I work on because it gets absorbed very quickly. 

Excuse my just woke up face. Starting with the under eye. Apply the serum and glide outward. For the speed of the stroke, they told me slower is better. I sometimes do it with T-shape if I want to cover more surface under the eye. They do not recommend using over eyelids or staring directly at the red light. I close my eye to be safe. You can glance upward too.

The serum has aloe vera for conductivity for the microcurrent, hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, and blue tansy which is anti-inflammatory. It smells nice and glides well.

You could use other products but they recommend using something with a conductive ingredients such as aloe vera. I didn’t know aloe vera contains conductive ions and naturally conductive to pass microcurrents into your skin. They do not recommend using Retinol and SolaWave at the same time as it may cause irritation. For the best result, use this serum which is made for the device.

For cheeks you start from the area close to the lips and pull outward and up diagonally. I usually divide it into 3-5 sections and repeat 5-10 times depending on the time I have or my mood. I asked them if you can stay stationary on one spot like a dark spot and they said yes. I have few dark spots so I will be doing that. 

The vibration of the device is very comforting and relaxing along with the heat. These diagonally upward strokes are basically lymph drainage which I often do but I’m also getting the red light, vibration, heat and microcurrents which I cannot provide with my own hands alone.

For forehead, I usually divide up the area into 3-5 sections on each side and the center. 

I asked them if you can do too much. If you can do multiple times a day to get better, faster results or limit to once a day?

They recommend using 5 minutes a day then work your way up. They also recommend at least 5 times a week. 

I asked them if you can also do other areas like nose, mouth and chin and they said yes.

I finish with side swipe both ways.

For neck, you start on the inner sides and pull outward and up diagonally. When you work on your neck, avoid larynx. 

I love the fact that there is no on/off switch. It makes this device so convenient because you don’t have to fumble as you apply the serum on the next section. And the sleek design makes the cleaning very easy.

After you’re done, simply wipe off the excess serum with damp cloth. I’m using a wet tissue. You can also disinfect with alcohol but don’t apply liquid directly or submerge the device because it not waterproof. Always wet the cloth and wipe.


  • Do not use this device if you are pregnant, have cancer or use a pacemaker. 
  • Avoid larynx, chest, breast, or groin due to the microcurrent technology stimulating the heart or thyroid.
  • SolaWave is not meant for people under 18. 
  • If you have specific concerns please discuss with your doctor.

I’ve used this device for about a month now once a day almost everyday in the morning or at night and I love it. I have noticed a major difference in the texture of my face. Few months ago, I actually had sunburn on my face by accident because I simply forgot to wear a hat. And I was suffering dry patches and uneven surface. And it was taking a long time to heal because of the age. But since I started using this, it quickly went away. I have no more dry patches and it’s all smooth and even. And I’m very happy.

I like how it’s so light and compact and portable. I even used it while camping although you should really be in a shade away from the sun. Have I learned my lesson? For now I keep it in the original box that came in to keep it safe and keep it from getting activated but I heard they’re working on a travel case so I’m looking forward to it. 

Lastly, the price. Usually the red light therapy devices go for hundreds or even more than thousand dollars but the SolaWave is only $149. With serum, $169. And I have 10% discount link in the description below. They have different colors to choose from and backed by 30-day guarantee. So if you want to add this to your daily routine and feel the difference, check out the link below.

Get SolaWave 10% off

Get SolaWave 10% off

Thank you again SolaWave for this exciting daily routine. I love it!

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