Dianne Sawyer The Conversation: The Power of Touch


It might be as simple as a pat on the back. Or a supportive touch on the arm. These gestures may seem small, but research shows more and more that touch is a powerful way to communicate emotion.

Diane Sawyer chats with Dr. Matthew Hertenstein about what it means to touch.

In one study, 70 percent of strangers could communicate emotion with one another through nothing more than a touch. Researchers have also found that a supportive touch can ease pain, alleviate stress and encourage students to participate in class.

On today’s Conversation, Diane Sawyer talks with De Pauw psychologist Matthew Hertenstein about the power of touch. The United States lags behind many other countries when it comes to understanding and harnessing the power of touch, according to Hertenstein. Hertenstein breaks down how you can communicate with a simple touch and how that simple act can be beneficial.

So tune in to learn how you can harness the power of touch on today’s Conversation.