Did I Reduce Cholesterol with R’s Koso? R’s Koso Giveaway (Massage Monday #579)

My cholesterol went down for the first time in years and this may be why. There’s also a giveaway.

I just had an annual physical last month and part of it is a blood test.

I have been very healthy (knock on wood) except my cholesterol has been creeping up in recent years.

I believe it’s part hereditary because my mother’s side of the family tends to have strokes and aneurysm in abdomen. My mother was also very healthy except she had a very high cholesterol. And she passed away from stroke at age 51. In fact, I will be older than my own mother in several months if I’m still alive.

Anyways, I’ve been watching my cholesterol which is generally high but my good cholesterol was also high so my doctor told me not to worry about it too much until it jumped in 2019.

Here’s the chart of the last 3 years. The total cholesterol was 169 with LDL 92 and HDL 63 in 2018. LDL is the bad cholesterol and HDL is the good cholesterol. In 2019, my cholesterol jumped to 217 with bad cholesterol 125 and good cholesterol 72, increased more to 225 with bad cholesterol 142 and good cholesterol 65 last year in 2020.

But I didn’t change anything last year in terms of exercise or what I eat. I still ate a lot of fried food so I was pretty sure my cholesterol was very high this year.

However, my cholesterol miraculously went down by 25 points to 200 with bad cholesterol 118 and good cholesterol 67.

I know my cholesterol is still high but I like this downward trend. And the only thing I can think of that may have helped with this downward trend is this R’s Koso which I have been taking the last 8 months on a regular basis. Koso means enzyme in Japanese.

I was very surprised so I contacted R’s Koso if there is any case like that. And there was a study done on the effect of koso on the cholesterol. I’ll put the link below so you can read it.

The health benefits of Koso, scientifically proven

So I’m not making any claim but from my experience, it’s possible that this may have helped reduce my cholesterol like the study says.

When I started taking this 8 months ago, I would simply mix it with water, or lukewarm water or carbonated water. My new favorite way is to mix it with apple cider vinegar with about half the amount of R’s Koso. And add water about 4 times the amount of R’s Koso.

Whenever I took apple cider vinegar, I used to mix it with honey but this is a good alternative because it’s sweet enough and it dissolves very quickly. I recently learned that apple cider vinegar also helps to lower cholesterol. So maybe I got the dual benefits of the Koso enzyme and the apple cider vinegar in lowering my cholesterol without medication.

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