Difference between Massage Therapist and Masseuse

Difference between Massage Therapist and Masseuse

Today’s Massage Monday is on English terminology on a difference between massage therapist and masseuse. Every time people refer me as masseuse I correct them by saying “I prefer to be called massage therapist.” Here’s why. I found a perfect explanation on ehow.com and I have a link below so you can see it for yourself:

A massage therapist is a man or woman in the paid profession of giving massages. Comparatively, the term masseuse has come to more usually refer to a woman working in a “massage parlor;” i.e., as a prostitute or as a call girl. Due to this connotation, the term “massage therapist” is now the preferred job description within the legitimate massage therapy industry.

I have seen the same kind of explanation on Wikipedia under massage but it was taken down and it was put back on again and it’s taken down again. It’s like some people are fighting to make this distinction clear but there’s some resistance.

Anyways I hope the difference between Massage Therapist and Masseuse is very clear now. I know many people don’t know this but being in this profession I am sensitive about this subject and I will not hesitate to correct or I should say educate people on this.

So I am a Massage Therapist. California State Licensed Massage Therapist. And National Board Certified Massage Therapist. And don’t ever ask which “parlor” I work at. I think it’s worse than “masseuse.” Instead you can ask which massage place do you work at or which spa do you work at. I think that would be a better question to ask.


Happy Massaging!

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