Different Ways to Wake Up when You Feel Drowsy

This week I will share different ways to wake up when you feel drowsy.

Per my friend’s request, this week I will share different ways to wake up. I already have a video on Acupressure Points to Wake Up which I will include the link in the description below. When you feel drowsy, if you can just stand up and walk around that would be the easiest to wake up but you cannot always do that.

Besides acupressure points, try these ways to wake up when you feel drowsy.

  1. Chew something hard. In Japan there is this food called atarime or serume which is a grilled dried squid that goes very good with sake. It has a very rubbery texture and you have to chew hard many times before you can swallow.

I think beef jerky is close in texture if you eat meat. If you don’t eat meat, I cannot think of any vegan alternative so please comment with your suggestions on something that’s hard and chewy for vegans.

Chewing a gum works for some people but gum may be too soft to wake you up. Supposedly, when you get your jaws working, it will help the circulation to the brain and you will be awake.

  1. Minty Stick in your nose. There are different kinds of minty sticks usually for nasal congestion or headache or nausea. You can insert the stick in your nose and inhale it slowly and wake up. The key is to inhale slowly otherwise it may be too strong. You can carry it in your purse or keep in your car if the weather is not too extreme.
  2. Hold your breath. Finally the simplest way to wake up is to hold your breath as long as you can. I tried this and it works. I guess your survival instinct kicks in and it will wake you up.

I have a friend who is a long-distance truck driver. He drives 500-600 miles per day. I asked him how he deals with the drowsiness. He told me he usually takes a nap. So that’s another way to deal with the drowsiness. Just surrender and take a power nap.

Massage Monday #599 Other Ways to Wake Up when Drowsy http://bit.ly/mm-599