Does Pheromone Perfume Work?

I was researching aromatherapy and essential oils for intimacy for Couples Massage and I came across pheromone perfumes. It’s a perfume with human pheromones to attract men or women.

Pheromones are the chemicals released from the animals and insects to alter the behavior of others of its species. The pheromone perfume is designed specifically to target the attraction receptors in the brain to make them attracted to you and turn them on just by smelling it.

So I got this Pheromones for Women Pheromone Perfume oil by Raw Chemistry on Amazon simply because it had lots of good reviews. This is a product for women to attract men. There is another product for men to attract women. Supposedly if you are wearing this product for women to attract men, women around you will be nicer to you too.

The smell is sweet with a hint of vanilla and musk. It’s a very distinct smell. I don’t mind it but I know some people will not like it. I have used this on and off for a while but I haven’t noticed any behavioral change in men around me. The attentive men are no more attentive than before and non-attentive men are still not attentive. I haven’t received any compliments for the smell from men or women.

I have seen a question if the smell is too feminine for men to wear to attract other men. I don’t think so. Because of the musky smell, I don’t think it’s too feminine for men to wear. But then smell is very subjective so it’s a personal preference.

The good thing is they have a no questions asked guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

As I mentioned, it’s very distinct smell so people who know this smell know that you are wearing this. Since I bought this I have noticed it on my client once. And I said, “Oh are you wearing a pheromone perfume to attract men?” Of course not. That’ll be very bad. But that’s why I’m kind of hesitant to wear this again. Maybe I can mix it with other complimentary perfumes like some people are doing.

While I have not seen the effects on human, I have seen the effects on dogs. I mean my friend’s dogs were going crazy when I was wearing this. This made the calm domesticated dogs into wild animals. They weren’t just saying play with me. They were more like I want you now.

The concept of human pheromones is kind of controversial though. Some scientific research says human pheromones don’t work to attract opposite sex. But as of today, this has 4.4 stars with more than 1,300 reviews and 70% is 5 stars. So that’s pretty good. I’m putting a link below so you can see it yourself.

As a side note, the reason why I haven’t seen any effects around me may be just me as my guy friend said, “Men will be attracted to you no matter what scent you are wearing.” Thanks. Duly noted. Anyway, this can be a good addition when you massage your partner and if you want to turn on the switch to go that route.

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