Dr. Fish Experience

I am currently in Japan and I’m going to try Dr. Fish, also known as Fish Pedicure. I’ve always wanted to try this and I can finally do this because it’s banned in California for a sanitary reason. So let’s try it!

So these will be my cleaning crew. Ticklish? It’s really ticklish. They are eating all the hard stuff off my feet. They are sucking on my feet. There’s no pain at all. I’m sure I have a lot of calluses from walking a lot in Japan. It’s right now 10:15 at night. I thought I would be full from other people’s calluses but they are still hungry. The trial course is 500 yen for 10 minutes. The water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit. I just felt someone biting me.

Ok. I’m moving to the other fish tank which has more fish. This fish tank has more fish and they are kind of biting harder. They have more energy. They are more active eating at my feet. I’m going to open my foot and see if they are going to come between my toes. Yeah they’re swimming between my toes. It’s a weird feeling. I think these fish are hungrier than the fish in the other tank. Knock yourself out. I wonder if I can have these as a pet.

I’m going to put my fingers in it. They don’t even notice. Never mind. They’re not interested in my hands. So my foot does feel soft. Nice and soft. Thank you fishies. If you ever have a chance to visit Japan try this. It’s a fun experience.

8-24-15 Dr. Fish Experience http://bit.ly/mm-082315