Ear Pull and Acupressure Point for Tinnitus

I have this video on acupressure points for tinnitus. From the comments I see that it has helped many people but to some people it didn’t work which is understandable and kind of expected because everyone is different.

This week I will show you another acupressure point on for tinnitus on your hand and the ear pull that you can also try to help alleviate the ringing in the ear.

The acupressure point for tinnitus on your hand is on the top of your hand between the pinky bone and ring finger bone at the end of the valley. This is called Triple Heater 3 or TH 3. Press this point for 1 minute as you breathe deeply. Repeat on the other side.

Next is the ear pull. You will be pulling three locations. Press the acupressure point right next to the nostril called Large Intestine 20 or LI 20. This is a very good point for nose and sinus issues and you know nose and ears are connected.

While you press and hold Large Intestine 20, pull the top edge of the ear diagonally upward 5 times.

Then pull the middle edge of the ear sideways 5 times.

Finally, pull the bottom edge of the ear diagonally downward 5 times. If the tinnitus is caused by the ear tube issues this may help alleviate the symptom.

I hope this is helpful.

Massage Monday #594 Ear Pull and Acupressure Point for Tinnitus http://bit.ly/mm-594