Ear reflexology diet report

Ear reflexology diet report

Last week I started the ear reflexology to help lose weight. I have been stimulating the seeds throughout the day whenever I remember. So far I have lost 1.5 lbs, which is not much but it’s better than nothing. I never had a craving issue so it’s hard to say it’s because of the seeds, but what I can say for sure is that stimulating those points is a great reminder that I want to lose weight. I had to re-apply the seeds on the front protrusion because they kept coming off but the seeds inside the ear survived the days of shower.

Since my goal is to lose a total of 5 lbs, I switched to the other ear per my acupuncturist’s instruction. It was kind of hard to do it myself but I hope I put the seeds on the same spots to suppress the hunger and stress, and activate the kidney, liver and stomach. I hope to continue with this gradual weight loss.

Happy Massaging!

4-7-14 Ear reflexology diet report http://bit.ly/mm-040714

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