Ear reflexology for diet

Ear reflexology for diet

Last week I talked about the ear reflexology and the benefits of the ear rubs. There are many acupuncture points in each ear that you can use to treat ailments and emotions and reduce pain of certain body parts. But ear is such a tiny space it’s hard to be very specific with your fingertips. When you go to acupuncturist they use needles during the session. In between the sessions they may tape tacks which are tiny needles or seeds to the acupuncture points so you can keep stimulating those points at home. These are the seeds. Each comes with a piece of tape and you can stick to any acupuncture points.

Since I’ve gained some weight recently, I asked my acupuncturist friend to put some seeds on my ear to help me lose weight. She put the seeds on Shen Men, stomach, kidney, liver, hunger point and thirst point to begin with. Shen Men is a very powerful point that calms you down from stress and anxiety and treats pretty much any ailment. During the diet, this point helps to reduce stress that comes from hunger. The hunger point is on the protrusion in front of the ear. It relieves hunger and controls compulsive eating. The stomach point also reduces appetite.

I am supposed to stimulate these points by gently pressing the seeds throughout the day whenever I can. She told me not to dig in too much. Some points are definitely more sensitive than others. She put the seeds on one ear. Then, after a week I’m supposed to switch the ear and put the seeds on the other side. My goal is to lose 5 lbs. Wish me luck.

Happy Massaging!

3-31-14 Ear reflexology for diet http://bit.ly/mm-033114

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