Earthlite TravelMate Massage Kit (Massage Monday #522)

This week I’ll show you how to use the Earthlite TravelMate™ Massage Kit. This is a portable massage device that you can set up on any table so you can have a chair massage. Or on your bed so your bed becomes kind of like a massage table so you can breathe freely facing down.

It comes in this travel bag. It has an instruction sheet, face cradle, chest pad, and the base with a foam in a cover. It has two locking mechanisms at the base and the face cradle so you can adjust the angles.

First unscrew the face cradle and take it out. For the table, put the base at the edge of the table with the flap down and the receiving arms up and lock the base. Place the face cradle base and screw at a desired height. Adjust the angle of the face cradle and lock to secure.

I’m going to put a cover on. Attach the chest pad with the Velcro to the base.

Sit in front and adjust the height and angle if necessary. Well, unfortunately, there is no one to massage me so I’m going to massage myself. The unit is very sturdy so it withstands the pressure no problem.

On the bed, slide the base under the mattress. Raise the receiving arms and lock the base. Insert the face cradle base with the open end facing the bed and screw tight at a desired height. This unit accommodates mattresses 11-16” high. Adjust the angle of the face cradle and lock to secure.

Attach a face cradle cushion. I’m going to put a cover on. Let’s lie down. It’s just like a massage table but it’s more comfortable because it’s your bed. Again, poor me, there is no one to massage me so I’m going to massage myself. Again, the unit is very sturdy and has no problem with the pressure applied downward.

Packing is very easy. The travel bag is very roomy. This is light at about 7.5 lbs or 3.5 kg and much easier to carry compared to a bulky massage chair or a massage table. The price is about $95 and it comes in 4 different colors. It’s almost the same as a low-end massage table. I’ll put the Amazon link below.

Earthlite TravelMate™ Massage Kit

This device is also useful when you are recovering from vitrectomy, retinal detachment, or macular hole. Years ago, I had a who had a procedure for a retinal detachment and she had to lie face down for weeks on a massage table.

I wish I knew about this device back then so I could recommend it to her instead of having to lie face down on a massage table.

If you have to lie face down on the floor, I recommend this device instead. I have another video on this device so I’ll put the link here and below. But with this you will be very close to the surface so you may get claustrophobic especially if you have to lie down for a long time.

TravelMate™ has way more breathing room and without a cover it is possible to read or watch something through the face cradle.

One caution. It’s the same with the regular face cradle for the massage table but be careful with this locking mechanism because I have locked this with a part of my hand pinched inside this lock and it hurts really, really bad.

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Massage Monday #522 Earthlite TravelMate Massage Kit