Easy Hand Massage (Palm Reading Approach)

The other day I had a Reflexology client and she wanted her feet and hands massaged. So I was doing the Reflexology on her hands. Here is a sample Reflexology chart for the hands. Just like feet, you can map the reflexes of the entire body on your hands. But I was thinking this is pretty complex for someone who doesn’t want to remember all the organs.

Then I thought of a simpler approach to give a good thorough hand massage. Whenever you give a massage, it helps to have a strategy whether breaking up a big area into smaller areas or focus on a specific muscle if you know the anatomy.

So for the hand massage, you can use the lines of the palm as a guide just like palm reading.

Start with focusing on the major lines. There are usually four major lines on your palm that are distinct. Glide on each line with your thumb. Or walk with your thumb. After going over all the major lines, now massage the spaces between the lines.

Other techniques you can use for the lines and between the lines are pressing with your thumbs or hooked thumbs as long as you don’t have long fingernails. Press both thumbs next to each other at the same time. Or press with overlapped thumbs for more pressure. Also if you bend the receiver’s hand towards you, it’s less effort and you will save your thumbs.

If you have more time or extend the time and want to do more detailed work, have the receiver curl the hand and do the same thing to all these fine lines that are now visible. And massage between those fine lines. At the end, you will have thoroughly massaged the hand.

I think it makes the hand massage more interesting if you actually know how to read the palm so I’m including the WikiHow link on how to read a palm below.


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