Easy Leg Massage – Back of the Leg – (Massage Monday #380)

Recently, I showed my client how to massage the back of the leg and I realized I never made a video for it. So I made a quick video to show them how to massage the back of the leg using kneading and wringing.

Kneel by the leg of the receiver lying face down. Knead the thigh and calf muscles with both hands with straight arms. Go up and down the leg. Do NOT press the back of the knee as it is a delicate area. Make sure you reposition yourself so you always knead right in front of you. For more pressure, bring the muscles towards you first and press with your body weight just like you are kneading a dough. You can also knead the IT band of the opposite leg.

Wring the leg in a twisting motion as you go up and down. Use your torso to save your hands. Again reposition yourself so you always wring in front of you. When you wring the leg on the bare skin, use a lubricant such as cream, lotion or oil so it is smoother and doesn’t burn the skin.

Massage Monday #380 – Easy Leg Massage (Back of the Leg) http://bit.ly/mm-020518