Emoji Free App

Pictures tell a thousand words. Emoji may not tell that much but why not use it for texting?

In Japanese “E” means picture and “moji” means character. As a new iPhone user, I was thrilled to find Emoji Free app. (Free app is good enough. Don’t waste your money. ) I love using Emoji on Japanese cell phone when I go back to Japan. Apple iPhone already comes with these 460 icons in different categories hidden by default. Free Emoji app basically enables them so you can use them in your texts, notes, and email. It looks like Emoji works only between iPhones. My friend’s Droid doesn’t display them. I !!

I enjoy using them all the time in texting with my friends. For example, when I have 3 massage sessions back to back I type . I have come to realize that it is impossible for me to drive and text on keyless iPhone. Instead of texting “I’m driving” risking my life, I just type .

Since it’s Japanese , there are icons that are specific to Japanese cultures that you probably have no idea what they mean. If you have questions about the mysterious icons feel free to ask me.