3 Ways To Enhance The Mood For Couples Massage

You can give or receive massage with each other anytime, anywhere. However if you are in a private, more intimate setting with your special someone, here are three ways to enhance the mood.

Candles Comparison

Lighting: Dim the lights with dimmer switch or use candles. Use candles with natural wax such as Beeswax, soy and other vegetable oil based wax with cotton wicks. They are more eco-friendly and produce less soot. Stay away from paraffin wax (by-product of petroleum) based candles and wicks with metal and lead because they are toxic when burned. If you don’t like the fire hazard, there are many electric battery powered candles available in the market.

Music: Play relaxing music of your choice. Avoid songs with lyrics. If you have access to the Cable or Dish Network I recommend these channels. These are current in Orange County, CA. (Check your local listing if you’re outside of OC.)

– Soundscape on Ch 934 (Cox cable/Time Warner Music Choice )

– Sirius Spa on Ch 6073 (Dish Network)

If you have access to the internet Pandora works if you don’t mind the advertisement on your free account. My choices are Kitaro and Enya.

Aroma: Sense of smell is the strongest sense in our body. You can add a nice prolonged aroma in the environment by using scented candles, diffuser, oil lamp, or incense. I like mixing oils in a diffuser. As with candles, many essential oils are often synthetic too with chemicals. Use natural essential oil because again you will be inhaling it in the air. Here are some basic aroma you can play with:

– Lavender: For relaxation (Do not use lavender oil during pregnancy.)

– Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose: For Sensuality

– Sweet orange, Bergamot: For uplifting

More on Aphrodisiac Aromas: Top Scents of Temptation.

Happy Massaging!