Facelift Head Massage for Nasolabial Line

Let’s do a facelift head massage together on the side that’s good for nasolabial lines and more.

Hello beautiful souls. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. When you think of lifting a certain part of your face, you may only think about treating the site of the sagging but you may also want to think about treating the surrounding area. This week let’s do a facelift massage for nasolabial lines with a head massage.

When you feel your cheeks are sagging to create nasolabial lines or a bulldog face, you may have very tight temporalis muscle on the side of your head that’s weighing down. I’m sure years of wearing the mask didn’t help either.

Loosening the tight temporalis muscle will restore the elasticity and help reverse the sagging.

To massage the side of your head, I’m going to use the flat part of my fist which can cover more area. You are welcome to use your fingers for more detailed massage.

Make circles or go up and down or side to side and try to cover the entire temporalis muscle on the side of the head. Instead of moving your arms which can make your arms tired, just move your knuckles to save your arms.

You may find this muscle very tight if you tend to clench often from stress or grind your teeth.

Ideally, you want to keep your scalp lean and flexible and you should be able to pinch.

Lean scalp helps the circulation for your hair growth and avoid tension headaches. Mine used to be super tight but it’s getting better although it’s still tight because I clench and grind my teeth.

Ok why not treat the site of sagging too in case you have tight cheeks that are weighing down.

Make a fist and massage the cheek muscles under the cheek bone by gently moving side-to-side. Gradually move your fists towards ears. You can put your elbows on the table and lean in too.

Place the heels of your palm under the cheek bone next to the nose and press as your move your hands to the sides. This helps making your face smaller. Instead of lifting your hands up to press, lean in to use your head weight to save your hands.

Make peace signs or Live Long and Prosper signs and massage the front and back of the ears by gently moving the skin over the muscles. You are not moving over the skin to cause surface frictions. This helps with the lymph drainage of your face. And carress down the neck lightly to drain on both sides.

By the way, you may know that Japanese people do peace signs when they take pictures. I’ve read that it originated from a TV talent who improvised the peace sign during his TV commercial for a camera after he saw an anti-war movement in the United stated in the 60s.

Usually Japanese people take picture like this with peace signs or peace next to their face. But my friend told me that when you put your peace signs on your face on your cheeks, you can hide your fat cheeks. How’s that. Does my face look smaller? I might as well lift it up. So that’s my tip for taking a picture.

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