Facial Massage Techniques (Massage Monday #414)

I recently attended International Congress of Esthetics and Spa. It’s an annual convention for the spa industry. There are many booths of cosmetics, skincare, tools, equipment and many more that are related to making you look good and feel good.

I saw many booths of different light therapies. I may get to try them soon so I’m looking forward to it. I did get to try these massage chairs by Daiwa. I grew up with a massage chair in Japan but it was amazing what these chairs could do.

My main purpose was to get my favorite Eminence Organics products almost at a wholesale price. They also do demos and workshops that are very entertaining. I’m not an esthetician so I don’t do facial but of course I’m interested in tips and techniques to make you look good. So here are some facial massage techniques that I’ve learned from them.

I’m very impressed with how she’s using her entire body and not just her fingers to give this particular technique even in a small area of the face.

Some other notable findings from this event were this face cradle cover that’s made of a microfiber, these CBD bath soaks, and these Brazilian bra straps. I know these are so unrelated to massage but they were super cute.

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