Father’s Day gift idea: 3 reasons to get electronic massage chair

Father’s Day gift idea: 3 reasons to get electronic massage chair

I grew up in Japan and I grew up with an electronic massage chair. If I remember correctly, there was always an electronic massage chair in my house since when I was about in the elementary school. It used to be a very simple one with two rollers that goes up and down on the sides of the spine and did some kneading motion. It was in my grandma’s tatami room and she used to watch TV as she sat in it and got a massage. Over the years it was upgraded to a more sophisticated one. This is the last one that I saw three years ago. It’s by Panasonic and it was wonderful. If I had nothing to do I could spend hours on it. It comes with a control panel that lets you select a pre-programmed routine or program your own massage routine from head to toe.

Since the Father’s Day is just around the corner, and knowing that fathers like electronic gadgets, here are three reasons to get an electronic massage chair for the Father’s Day.

1) It makes the massage loving father happy 247
If the father wants a massage you can give him a gift certificate for one time only massage or massage him yourself. They are both very nice gestures. Or you can send him to the electronic massage chair. All you need is a plug. No need to make an appointment, no need to travel, no need to tip. The massage chair will be ready to work anytime even late at night. He can even watch his favorite TV program in it.
2) It’s economical in a long run
The very high-end massage chair such as Inada Sogno Dreamwave costs close to $10,000. Let’s say one hour massage is $60. If you get one hour massage every day, it will cost you $60 x 365 = $21,900 in a year. If you get one hour massage every day from the massage chair you will get the money back in less than half a year. According to the website, “the expected lifespan of an Inada massage chair is at least 24 years.” So if you get one hour massage every day for 24 years from the chair, you can get $21,900 x 24 = $525,600 worth of massages. What a great return on your investment!
3) You can use it too
The last and the most important reason to get an electronic massage chair for the Father’s Day is you get to use it too. If you get a big gift for your father, you might as well get the one you can enjoy too. So if you both enjoy the massage chair every day for 24 years, you can get $1,051,200 worth of massages between the two.

There are so many massage chairs available based on your needs and budget. I’m including the links to some of the high end massage chairs below so you can check out the amazing features. These are in my wishlist but it can be dangerous because if I have one of these I don’t think I’ll leave my house.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair http://amzn.to/1kJOe8y

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer B Deluxe 3D Massage Chair http://amzn.to/1pUWG7P

Fujita Kn9003 Massage Chair Recliner-zero Gravity http://amzn.to/1uOXFGK

Happy Massaging!

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