Feng Shui Office Tour

Feng Shui Office Tour

Last week I shot the video from the office and realized I never showed my office before. So this week I’ll take you on a little tour of my part-time office that I’m renting from my dear friend. I’m also going to talk about some cool Feng Shui elements implemented by the Feng Shui master.

Now we’re entering the office. My friend is a massage therapist and chiropractor so you see the chiropractic tables for adjustment. When I teach Couples Massage Class I just push them to the side like this. She used to have this Buddha on a bookshelf with a candle but she was told to put it here instead and it must have an offering. So she dried some roses that were given to her as a gift and put them in the little bowl as an offering.

Above the entrance there are red candles. They capture

bad energy as people enter the place keeping the space pure as well as having fire in the northeast. Color red represents fire element which enhances healthy emotional interactions between people.

Next to the entrance in the east you see a little green elephant whose trunk is facing toward the door for prosperity. The green stone is malachite which utilizes wood energy. It’s placed here also for prosperity.

Around the book shelf, here is a waterfall. Water element enhances spirituality, inspiration, relaxation, and the ability to go with the flow. The Feng Shui master did a muscle testing on my friend to determine this exact location.

Down the hallway is a bathroom, some inspirations on the wall, and here’s the massage room. There are two beautiful amethyst caves up there. These amethyst caves are there to bring in the water energy from the water garden outside in the back of the office. Here are bunch of books and some roasters. There are three therapists sharing this space so we keep our things here. And the spine model. This is how it looks during the session with the Himalayan salt lamp that ionizes the air.

So that was the tour of my part-time office with some Feng Shui elements. It’s nice and simple, functional and has a good energy as long as there is no construction like last week. Making this video it made me want to re-configure and re-decorate my living space using Feng Shui. If you use Feng Shui in your life, I’d love to hear from you what you do.

Happy Massaging!

10-5-14 Feng Shui Office Tour http://bit.ly/mm-100614

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