Flat Foot Massage (Massage Monday #475)

There were several requests on how to massage flat foot or flat feet so I will show you five ways to massage it.

Flat foot is a condition of the fallen arch which is caused by muscle weakness and massage by itself will not strengthen your muscles to reverse the fallen arch. But by loosening the muscles involved in the flat foot, it may help alleviate the pain and it will prepare your feet to strengthen easier via strengthening exercises.

Do these sitting in a chair and you can easily do them while watching TV.

1. Roll a golf ball. Simply step on a golf ball and roll all over your foot. If the golf ball is too hard, you can use a lacrosse ball or tennis ball.

2. Massage the arch. Cross your leg and rub the arch with the heel of the palm. Warm up with brisk rubbing with loose wrist three times or more if you like. If you cock your wrist it will tire out the forearm. Make circles as you go up and down three times or more if you like.

3. Stretch the arch by pulling the big toe back while pressing on the long arch muscle. Repeat on several locations.

4. Stretch open toe bones to the side. Follow the toe bones to the top of the foot. Put your thumbs on the two bones and other finger on the other side and spread open. This will stretch the muscles between these bones. Do it on several locations. Repeat on all the other bones.

5. Stretch open toe bones front and back. Again, put your thumbs on the two bones and other fingers on the other side and this time press one and pull the other one. This will stretch the same muscles in a different dimension. Do it on several locations. Repeat on all the other bones.

I have done a video on a massage for bunions which was similar to these but it was done to the toes. Some people have bunions as a result of the flat foot so you are welcome to combine them. I will put the link below.

I will do a separate video on flat foot exercises to help strengthen to hopefully create the arch if not next week, next next week.

Massage Monday #475 Flat Foot Massage http://bit.ly/mm-475