Float your stress and pain away with the Floatation Therapy

Float your stress and pain away with the Floatation Therapy

I was in Phoenix recently and got to experience a unique therapy called Floatation Therapy. You simply float for an hour in the water in this big sleek device called pod.

The water is body temperature so it’s not too warm or too cold. There’s ton of Epsom salt in the water so you will not sink. You can keep the lid open if you are claustrophobic and keep the light on too during the session. I took a video when the filter was on but during the session the water is very still.

It was my first time but I closed the lid and turned off the light. I found myself trying to keep my ears above the water and tiring my neck so instead of using the neck pillow they provided I surrendered and let my ears go under water. What I could hear then was only my heartbeat. I was floating naked in the complete darkness with the sound of the heartbeat, in my opinion I think this is the closest thing to being in the mother’s womb. I was in and out of consciousness and it was very relaxing.

After the session my skin was very smooth and I slept soooo good. The next day I noticed I had better range of motion on my neck which makes sense because of the effects of the Epsom salt that relaxes the muscles and reduces pain. The Epsom salt is also known to cleanse the negative energy which is very helpful for me personally because I’ve been told and I believe I’m an empath, meaning I pick up a lot of people’s energy and stuff in my touchy feely profession.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Israel and this reminded me of floating in the Dead Sea. However in the pod you can stay much longer than you can in the Dead Sea and it’s very quiet with no other people. Plus Israel is pretty far so you can save the trip time and money.

The floatation therapy place I visited is called True Rest Float Spa in Tempe Arizona. Their website is http://www.truerest.com. If there’s no floatation therapy in your area, try it when you visit Arizona.

Happy Massaging!

7-29-13: Float your stress and pain away with the Floatation Therapy http://youtu.be/BJqsbkmaHRc

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