Follow Up On Student Clinic

Follow Up On Student Clinic

Since I’m out of town I’m going to do a quick update on the student massage clinic that I had at my massage school. So the other day I went in for my 60-minute massage and this student who is graduating from the massage school she did a great job. She addressed all the things I wanted her to work on and she gave me a good deep tissue technique massage so that was excellent. The only thing is the massage office was right outside of the massage room and if there is a phone ringing or a visitor coming in I could hear them talk. So that was kind of distracting but I think I was out half the time. So maybe 30 minutes of the time I was out so I don’t remember anything. So I have no complaint.

And another thing was that she was loose on the draping around the glutes my buttocks area. And I felt I was kind of exposed when she was working on my butt. So that was the only feedback I gave her. I got lucky and my massage was free because they were doing the special for the graduates of the massage school but usually it’s only $45 for two 60-minute massages which is a great deal. So again if there is a massage school in your area and you want to try the cheap but it could be good massage I would contact the massage school and ask them if they are offering student clinic or if they are looking for bodies for the students to work on because they need to work on different bodies all the time.

And just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean bad. So do not assume that the higher price is a good massage. Unfortunately all the massage is hit or miss no matter where you go whether at the very expensive spa or very inexpensive massage place. I’ve had great massage at a very inexpensive place and I’ve also had a horrible massage at a very expensive spa. So do not assume the quality of massage based on the price.

Happy Massaging!

1-12-15 Follow Up On Student Clinic

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