Foot Massager Giveaway #10 (Massage Monday #574)

Last week my YouTube channel reached 160K subscribers. Thank you very much for viewing, sharing and generously commenting which keep me going!

As I promised I am giving away this foot massager this time in green. I usually giveaway Daiso’s foot massager but I found this one at another local Japanese store called Tokyo Central. They are part of famous Japanese big chain store called Don Quixote or we call them Donki. This is slightly bigger the one from Daiso and it’s more expensive but it’s not that much. So this is what I’m giving away this time.

To enter for this giveaway, please comment below what area and how often you want your partner to massage you at home. For example, head massage once a day or foot massage once a week. Like that. 

If you have a partner and if you like massage, I think it’s easier to answer but if you are single, just imagine with your future partner what area and how often do you want massaged at home. 

I will enter the comments with these answers into a spreadsheet and manually draw a winner as always next week. 

The deadline for the entry for this giveaway is this Sunday, October 31st , 2021 at noon Pacific Time.

Again, the entry requirement is to comment what 1. area and 2) how often you want your partner or your future partner to massage you at home. You’re welcome to put more than one area but one entry per person.

I will send this to a winner anywhere in the world as always. 

Massage Monday #574 Foot Massager Giveaway