Foot Massager Giveaway #10 Winner (Massage Monday #575)

Thank you for all the entries for this foot massager giveaway.

There were 51 entries with the answers I asked for. I enjoyed reading them all. Whether you wanted once a week or multiple times a day, I hope you are willing to reciprocate if your partner likes to receive a massage. I personally would love to have neck and shoulder massage few minutes a day.

Here I have 51 numbered papers. I had to make new ones because I just moved and I have no idea where the original ones went. Here is the winner. The winner is #43 and 43 is Penny Seled.

Penny Congratulations! You won this foot massager. I will ship this to you wherever you are on this planet with a mailing address. I’ll be in touch with you so please get back to me.

I will do the next drawing when my channel reaches 165K subscribers.

Massage Monday #575 Foot Massager Giveaway #10 Winner