Foot Massager Giveaway #5 Winner (Massage Monday #506)

This week I’m going to draw a winner for this foot massager. There were a total of 103 entries. Thank you so much.

Unlike Daiso’s foot massager, this one comes with a little direction so I’ll translate it, although I’m not very good at translating.

Direction of use. Step on this for about 3 minutes one to twice every day. If you feel this is too much, put a towel over it and step over it. Good point. If you use this after taking a bath, it’s even more effective.

Please use this wherever you want in the office, kitchen or in the bathroom.

And the caution. Please don’t use this other than the massage purpose. If you place it near the fire it might soften or deform.

See I’m not very good at translating but you get the idea. And Made in Japan just like me.

I have cut up papers numbered from 1 to 103 in this little bag. So I’m going to mix well. And here’s the winner. Number 31.

And 31 is Margo Robski. It’s weird because I have the cursor on her row right now. That is really weird but congratulations Margo! You just won this foot massager. Please be in touch with me and I will ship this to you wherever you are on this planet.

And thank you very much everyone else for entering, some with kind words. Sorry you didn’t win this time but I will do another drawing when my channel hits 140K subscribers.

Massage Monday #506 Foot Massager Giveaway #5 Winner