Foot Massager Giveaway #9 (Massage Monday #561)

Last week my YouTube channel reached 155K subscribers. Thank you so much!! It happened sooner than I expected but as I promised, it’s time for another foot massager giveaway.

As always, I will send this $1.50 foot massager from Daiso to a winner anywhere in the world. Daiso is global and you may be able to get one yourself if there is Daiso in your area. I will include their link below so you can check if there is Daiso near you.

Daiso locator:

As you may know, there are reflexes that correspond to different organs of your body on your feet. You step on this device to stimulate those reflexes to stimulate different organs of your body.

You can stand stationary or step alternating left and right targeting the toes, balls of foot, arch, and heel. I just realized I stepped on the prize with my bare feet so I wiped it clean with a disinfectant wipe.

You are also stimulating different acupressure points feet but it simply feels amazing for your tired feet.

To enter the giveaway, comment below what you think is the benefit or benefits of couples massage at home. In other words, what good does it do when you massage each other at home? I think it’s easier if you have a partner but even if you are single, use your imagination with your future partner or past partner and tell me what you think is the benefits of couples massage.

There are no right answers or wrong answers. Just share your opinions. I will enter the valid answers to the drawing and select a winner manually as usual.

The deadline for the entry is this Sunday, August 1, 2021 at 12 noon Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Massage Monday #561 Foot Massager Giveaway #9