Future of massage – How to remotely massage someone

Future of massage – How to remotely massage someone

When you massage someone the receiver is in front of you to receive it. Can you massage someone who is not physically in front of you? Maybe even miles away? Well, it may just be possible with eSSage.

eSSage is a massage suit that makes it possible to receive a massage from someone no matter the distance. According to an online presentation, the massage receiver wears this special body suit that connects through WiFi and the massage giver uses an Apple or Android app with a stylus to control the suit’s electro-active polymer nodes that change shape according to the signal received.

Hi tech. Is this the future of massage? Maybe it’s good for couples in a long distance relationship? I have the link to the online presentation below so you can check it out yourself. What do you think? I believe it’s still in the development phase because I don’t see it available for sale. I’m very curious about the story behind this invention. If they are ever looking for a tester I would love to try it. But until then I’ll just enjoy giving and receiving direct hands-on massage.

Happy Massaging!

6-2-14 eSSage http://bit.ly/mm-060214


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