GB 21 – Acupressure point for shoulder and inducing labor

GB 21 is one of several acupressure points that induce labor. (If you want quicker result in inducing labor, I highly recommend acupuncture.) GB stands for Gall Bladder, one of the meridians used in Chinese medicine theory. Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to find it.

It’s right on the shoulder where people carry stress and feels great to be pressed. You can press this point downward with a hooked thumb, forearm, knuckle, or even elbow. However be very careful. One day I had a big knot on my shoulder and asked my friend to elbow this point. It felt great for about 15 seconds. Then I felt something coming up from deep inside my body. I completely lost vision and almost passed out. All my energy was gone and I had to lay for about an hour to recover. It turns out Gall Bladder meridian represents rage and resentment. I believe it was the agonizing relationship I was in at that time that activated this reaction of my body.

This acupressure point should be avoided for ladies who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. During my Couples Massage class, one of the students asked me “So… if I don’t want my girlfriend to get pregnant, do I press this point?” NO! This is NOT a birth control method. Please use appropriate methods for that.

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