How To Get Rid of Pillow Lines Faster

One thing I don’t like about massage is that sometimes you are left with these random lines on your face from facing down on a face cradle. It’s ok if you are just going home but it’s very embarrassing if you have an appointment or something afterwards. This week I’m going to show you how you can get rid of the pillow lines faster.

In order to undo the lines you need to increase circulation and hydration to plump up the dented skin back to its original state.

First I intentionally created unwanted lines by lying on this carefully crafted face cradle cover for 15 minutes so that I can treat one side and compare. I’m going to use my cheeks.

Make a hot moist towel by soaking it in a hot water or microwaving a wet towel. I did 30 seconds on my small towel.

Apply the towel on the target area for few minutes while the towel is warm. Do this gently otherwise you will have the markings from the towel if you press too hard.

With a moisturizer massage the line by circling it, tapping it, stretching it by pulling it apart on the surface, and pushing in from the sides to stretch it from the inside. Again do this gently to avoid causing the redness on your skin.

After one round the treated side feels smoother. Repeat the process as needed. The result is not instant but faster than not doing anything. By the way when I work on my clients and if I don’t have access to no line face cradle cover I try to minimize the line to a single line on the forehead so hopefully it’s easier to cover with hair.

I hope this is helpful. If you know any other effective way to get rid of the lines please let me know.

4-25-16 How to get rid of pillow lines on your face