How To Get Rid of Tingling When Legs Fall Asleep

I recently went to a meditation class and although I didn’t have to sit Japanese style which will kill my legs, I sit on the zafu which is a sitting cushion on the floor with my legs crossed. Whenever I do this for a long time, my hip joints are tight and my legs become asleep. This week I’m going to show you a life hack that I learned in Japan way back when in the 90’s on a Japanese TV on how to get rid of this numbness or tingling sensations when your legs are asleep.

Prepare four toothpicks and a rubber band and bundle them together.

According to the TV program, when your legs fall asleep, throw your legs out. And if you are a woman, tap over the eyebrows with the tip of the toothpick bundle and feel the tingling sensation dissipate. If you are a man, tap the laugh lines by your mouth. I have no idea why it’s different between man and woman. In honor of gender equality, I suggest you try both ways.

Unless you are very well prepared, you don’t have toothpicks and a rubber band around. So I tried with my fingernails and this works too for me. I’ve heard this doesn’t work for everyone but it’s worth a try!

Massage Monday #362 – How To Get Rid of Tingling When Legs Fall Asleep