Got Psychic?

Growing up in Japan, I used to hear that if you didn’t experience any paranormal activities by age 20, you would not experience it the rest of your life. I am learning that this statement may not be true.

Last year, I took an energy healing session by one of the massage teachers at my school. I choose not to share the details at this point but I’ll just say that the results were amazing. I became very curious after the teacher told me that intuitiveness is something you can develop.

When I visited my friend therapist’s home to trade massage, I saw a book called Practical Intuition by Laura Day among wall full of healing books. I read and did the exercise diligently. About ten days into reading the book, it started happening. In the middle of night, the ceiling fan light came on for no reason. Thinking “??” I turned off the light with a remote and went back to sleep. Five minutes later, the light came on again! By now I was wide awake with my bed shaking from my heart pounding. Oh nooo! I just wanted to be “intuitive.” I didn’t ask for any paranormal stuff!

I have told several psychics about this. They all told me it was probably a friendly spirit letting me know about its existence in a “playful” way. If I actually pay the psychics to come out, I may find out who or what is doing this. However I am being very frugal now. So until then, whoever it is, thank you but your playfulness is scaring the !@#% out of me.

Maybe I need to consult an electrician instead? I recently heard a similar story where a family panicked over a light that comes on and goes off by itself. It turned out to be a bad circuit.

I haven’t opened the book since. I put my intuitive development on the back burner for now. The ceiling light is still acting weird but much less often. I kind of miss the adrenaline rush…