Hand Massage for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming so this week I will show you an easy hand massage for your Valentine. Your thoughtful loving massage is a wonderful gift to give to your partner. It will bring you closer together through physical touch and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Hand massage is very “handy” (pun intended) because you can do it anywhere, anytime. Of course, you are welcome to do this to your parents or grandparents whomever you want to show your love and appreciation (as long as it doesn’t cause any pain or injury on their skin or hands).

Here are few tips when you massage your partner.

1) Please wash your hands first before you touch your partner so you are not massaging your partner with unwanted germs. Actually, the receiver should wash their hands too.

2) Always position yourself comfortably when you massage someone. If you twist your body to give a massage, you will be sore in no time and massage becomes an agonizing chore in the future.

3) When you massage your partner, think of at least one thing you love or appreciate about the person you are massaging. Touch is a powerful communication tool and your thoughts and feelings can transfer through touch. So always have happy thoughts about your partner.

I tell my Couples Massage clients if you can’t think of anything you love or appreciate about your partner, you need a different kind of therapy, not massage therapy.

Use your favorite lotion or oil for gliding and moisturizing your hands and your partner’s hands.

  1. Sponge Hand – Squeeze your partner’s hand like you are squeezing a sponge. Alternate right and left as you move up and down the hand.
  2. Trench Hand – Glide your thumb in the valley between the extension of the finger bones on the top of the hand. You can do it three times or 50 times but use the same number of times for each location. Put your heart in every single stroke which will naturally slow down the pace, and it feels more sincere to the receiver. So no rushing.

Caution: If the receiver is pregnant, skip the area between the thumb and index finger because there is an acupressure point called Large Intestine 4 that is used to induce labor. This point should not be pressed until after the due date.

  1. Massage Webbing – Gently massage the webbing between fingers. Again, skip between the thumb and index finger if the receiver is pregnant.
  2. Spread Hand – Spread open the top of the hand as you move up and down. And spread open the bottom of the hand as you move up and down the hand.
  3. Palm Reading Massage – For the palm side, let’s do what I call palm reading massage. Starting from the thick lines, massage the lines using thumb walk technique which is to bend and extend your thumb and move like a caterpillar. Or press with overlapped thumbs. If you bend your partner’s hand towards you as you press, it will save your fingers.

After you followed the lines, you can massage space between the lines. I think it’ll be fun if you can actually read the palm. I will put the link on the palm reading reference below. Maybe you can understand your partner better or discover your partner’s new potential.

As you may know, like your feet and ears, your hands have reflexes for the entire body. That’s why when you massage your hands you are indirectly massaging your body. When you are done with one hand, make sure to do the other hand too so your partner will be balanced.

I have done some hand reflexology videos for different health issues and I will be adding some more. I created a playlist for hand reflexology and hand massages. If you see something that you think will help your partner, please incorporate that in your gift of hand massage.

I will be releasing a new Couples Massage program later this year so stay tuned for the announcement.

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