Hand Reflexology for Vertigo

This week I will show you hand reflexology for Vertigo. Vertigo is often caused by the issues around ear and nose that control balance. The symptoms can get worse by the stagnation of lymph in the neck. It can also be caused by fatigue and if that’s the case, strengthening the small intestine that controls immunity will help. So we will do hand reflexology to address these three points.

The first one is nose and ears reflexes which are on the tip of ring finger and pinky. The reflexes for the right ear is on the left hand and the reflexes for the left ear is on the right hand. So if you have tinnitus in your right ear, pinch the reflex on your left ring finger for 7 seconds. Then your left pinky for 7 seconds.

The second one is lymph in neck. Do this if you have tension headache. Put your hand on a stable surface like a table or your lap. Spread your fingers a little bit. Using the three fingers, firmly press and glide the area between the bones 7 times at one second per pace. Repeat on the other hand.

The third one is ileocecal valve. It’s a valve between the small intestine and large intestine. It’s located on the ring finger line two thumb widths from the wrist only on the right hand. Use a hooked thumb and press it for 7 seconds.

Do these several times everyday for at least one month.

I’m often asked if this will work for me or how long it will take. I wish I could give you the answer exactly how long it will take and if it will work for you. But unfortunately, everyone is different so I can’t. It’s something you need to try and see if it works for you by listening to your body which you know the best.

As with anything, you never know unless you try it. But I hope it works for you as soon as possible.

Massage Monday #652 Hand Reflexology for Vertigo http://bit.ly/mm-652