Happy Money for Your Money Stress (Massage Monday #449)

This week I’m going to talk about a different approach to people’s number one source of stress: MONEY. When you Google source of stress, there are many such as relationships, family, job and more recently, government, but the number one source of stress is money. In fact, the underlying cause of all the other stressors that I’ve just mentioned can be money related.

Supposedly, the financial stress shows up in your lower back as I’ve shared in my other video. In Japan, there is an expression, “cannot turn one’s neck due to debt.” So it’s possible that your neck pain is also from money issues.

The best way to avoid the financial stress is by not having one.

With that, let me introduce a new book by Ken Honda titled Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money which will be published tomorrow on June 4th, 2019 in the US, England, and Australia.

Ken Honda is a best-selling author in Japan. He has written 50 books and 140 books including paperbacks and has sold more than 7 million copies in Japan. I happen to have known Ken since about 2002 through my best friend when he first started distributing this free booklet titled 8 Steps to Happy Prosperity.

Now he is on MindValley.com! I highly recommend you check out his Master Class on Money if you want to heal your money wounds.

The Japanese Art of Healing YourhWounds

Over the years, I have seen him become a best-selling author in Japan. And now he has written his first book in English which is translated into 12 languages and will be sold in 40 countries and counting. I am so proud of him and happy for him and I’m sooo excited! He is very smart and sharp but in person he is very generous, down-to-earth and funny.

With Ken Honda

Little bit about Ken. He was a son of a successful accountant and he grew up watching the business owners come into his father’s office. He also saw all kinds of dramas around money. Ken himself had a successful accounting business and consulted many business owners and he was able to retire at a young age of 29 to be with his newborn baby.

What’s unique about him is that while other financial experts teach money IQ such as finance, stocks, and real estate investments, he teaches money EQ which is the emotional intelligence around money. He has interviewed and studied many successful people and realized that money is energy and happy money leads to happy life and unhappy money leads to unhappy life.

Happy money is the money that brings joy to both parties when you spend it and receive it. For example, when I mailed the $1.50 foot massager to the winner overseas, it costed me $24, almost 20 times the cost of the product!

But it was such a joy for me to send it and I’m sure the recipient was excited to win it. Eventually, I think it’ll be fun to do a drawing and deliver the $1.50 product in person to the winner somewhere in the world.

As a side note, I recently got this bill in my tip. I call this Cool Jackson and this made me laugh.

Then I thought wouldn’t it be nice to see smiles on these people on the bills to make it literally happy money?

Unhappy money has negative energy and brings stress when you receive it and spend it. For example, if you make money doing things you hate, you have unhappy money, and most likely, you have unhappy life. Even super-riches can be unhappy and miserable.

So if you want to have peace and less stress about money, read Ken’s book Happy Money. I bet you will gain different perspectives of money, learn your beliefs about money, have a new relationship with money and be more aware of the energy flow of money around you. You can learn more at KenHonda.com. You can purchase his books on his website or at any bookstores. There’s also a Facebook Group Ken Honda’s Happy Money Community so I will see you there.

Lastly, I learned this mantra about money from a friend long time ago which makes you feel like the richest person and the most generous person in the world. It goes like this: All the money in the world is mine. I’m just letting the others use it.

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