Heal Your Body by Louise Hay (Massage Monday #481)

This week I will introduce you to this little book, it’s more like a booklet titled Heal Your Body by late Louise Hay. As you may know Louise Hay was an international best selling author and spiritual teacher for a long time. Unfortunately she passed in 2017.

This book has been around since 1970s and this is the 67th and final edition. This is a quick reference guide and it lists the relationship between the negative thoughts and physical problems. There isn’t much to read. Only about 10 pages in the beginning and 5 pages in the back. But she briefly shares her amazing story on how she beat cancer in Introduction. The rest is the list of physical problems listed in alphabetical order starting with abdominal cramps and it ends with yeast infections, and probable cause, and new thought pattern which you can say as affirmation.

For example, let’s look at constipation, a very common health issue. The probable cause is “Refusing to release old ideas. Stuck in the past. Sometimes stinginess.” And the new thought pattern is “As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter. I allow life to flow through me.” Now you can inquire within yourself if there is anything that you feel stuck in the past. Or if there’s any old ideas that you are refusing to let go. Or if you feel stingy about something.

In the meantime, you can also watch my old video on very effective acupressure points for constipation and maybe add more fiber and water in your diet.

For me, I’m having some pain in hip joints lately. So I look under the Hip Problems and under the probable cause it says “Fear of going forward in major decisions.” And I was like Bingo! It hit the nail on the head. And the new thought pattern is “I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age.” By the way, you should say these affirmations aloud, like I just did, not just in your head.

For the probable cause, the common theme is anger, fear, resentment, criticism, negative belief, and lack of joy and love. Your words and thoughts create your reality and experience. She calls this metaphysical causations. I totally believe the power of your negative thoughts creating disease or dis-ease. I have seen it around me because it’s so much easier to see it in other people than in yourself.

This does not replace the medical treatments, but it gives you the opportunity to look into why you are having a lingering or repeating health issues from mental aspect.

She says in the preface: “This little book doesn’t “heal” anyone, but it does awaken within you the ability to contribute to your own healing process. No doctor or health practitioner can give us this unless we choose to take part in our healing process.”

So if you want to take control of your health from inside your head, this book is a good start to bring back balance in body, mind, and spirit. FYI, Fibromyalgia is not listed in the main part but it’s mentioned in the Epilogue in the back.

Massage Monday #481 Heal Your Body by Louise Hay http://bit.ly/mm481