History of 420 | Papa & Barkley Releaf Body Oil Review (Massage Monday #420)

Since this is Massage Monday #420 I think it’s very appropriate that I review a cannabis massage oil.

But first, why marijuana is referred to as 420. I used to think it was a police code for marijuana but it wasn’t. Its history dates back to the 70’s.

My understanding is that back in the 70’s, there was a group of five high school kids at San Rafael High School up in Marin County in Northern California. They used to hang out at this particular wall at the school and they called themselves the Waldos. One day, they learned from another classmate that there was a secret marijuana garden in a forest that this classmate’s brother-in-law had planted. But since he was in the Coast Guard and was paranoid about getting kicked out, the Waldos were given an offer to have it with a hand-drawn treasure map.

So these kids made a plan to meet after a football practice at 4:20 at this Louis Pasteur statue by saying “420 Louis.” They would drive to Point Reyes to look for this marijuana patch but they never found it probably because they were getting too high from smoking on the way.

So “420 Louis” became a code for smoking at the statue at 4:20. Eventually Louis was dropped and 420 became a code for smoking anywhere.

The Waldos had connections with the band Grateful Dead and they had access to back stage and smoke sessions. In the 80’s they started circulating the flyers with the real story about how 420 came about at their concerts. Then one of the reporters from marijuana publication called “High Times” saw the flyer and the magazine helped spread the word 420 globally as a code for marijuana. Now April 20th is a big celebration day for marijuana community.

Anyway, it’s a very interesting story and that’s why I was compelled to talk about cannabis oil. I’m going to talk about this Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Oil.

Since the legalization of marijuana in California this year, I have tried several different cannabis products. I haven’t tried many because they are not cheap. This was recommended by the very first dispensary that I went called Evergreen.

By the way when I went to a dispensary for the very first time, I was very nervous but excited so I asked my friend to come with me. We were both very shocked how clean and organized the inside was. It was like a boutique shop and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

So this Papa & Barkley Releaf Body Oil smells amazing. At first, the marijuana smell is strong but you get used to it and you smell more of the essential oils it has especially the Eucalyptus. It has Cannabis Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil Blend with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lavender.

It has 3:1 THC:CBD but they changed the labeling so CBD comes first. This is their new box with 1:3 CBD:THC complete with the new California Cannabis Labeling. They guarantee 100mg of CBD and 300mg of THC. Every batch is different and each box has a label of how much THC and CBD it has at the bottom. When it has more THC and CBD the color of the oil is definitely darker and the smell is stronger.

The oil is not very thick and it gets absorbed fairly quickly. So I need a good amount of oil. It depends on the size of the person but for a 60-min full body massage I use about ¼ of this bottle and for 90-min massage I use about 1/3 of the bottle. The only thing for doing a massage with this bottle is the size of the pump. It squirts very little so for the big area like the back and legs, I have to pump many times.

This oil is good for pain. My clients with arthritis and joint problems like knee pain, they all told me it’s helping them. And whenever I massage my client with this, my hands are happier. My fingers and hands and arms are less tired.

It makes you very relaxed too. Some of my clients tried my massage with this oil before the meditation class and they all said they went really deep. Of course it could be my massage but I have no problem giving the credit to this cannabis oil.

One of my clients is a senior lady who had a knee replacement surgery. She loves this oil and she shares with her senior friends. And I heard now they get together and talk about where they put this oil on their body. Who would have thought this day would come.

Since it has THC you can only get this at a dispensary. You can go to PapaandBarkley.com to look for a location. I use Weedmaps app to find which ones carry. It’s always a good idea to call ahead of time because often times it’s out of stock. It’s about $40-50 before tax. Some places charge higher tax for some reason so it’s something you need to check too.

Many dispensaries offer a discount for first timers especially with a medical card. I got mine right away after seeing a different pricing for medical and non-medical customers. It was really easy to get it online. I filed out the application, talked to a live doctor, and cannabis was recommended for my condition. But it was more like “Well I have this neck pain from…” “Ok I would recommend you cannabis.”

As I mentioned, the marijuana smell can be strong and lingering. I heard someone in the same suite thought someone was smoking weed in the office. So you may want to be cautious about when and where to use this oil.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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