Homemade Lacrosse Ball Back Massage Tool

This week I’m going to show you the homemade lacrosse ball back massage tool and how to use it.

To make this massage tool all you need is two lacrosse balls (or tennis balls) and a sock. Simply put the lacrosse balls in a sock. Tie the end. And voila. That’s it. This is perfect for massaging the back muscles. Lie on your back and put the balls next to the spine. You can roll your body side to side or up and down or put them on the sore spots and just rest. There are three muscle groups that run along the spine. In order to target the muscles further from the spine just loosen the tie and make more space between the balls. You can do this sitting on a chair or couch or against the wall too. You can even make this into an air chair exercise which will make your core muscles and thighs burn. Ok that’s enough. My thighs are burning.

I keep this in my car and use it for driving. You can watch the Massage Tool I Keep In My Car For Driving.

If you don’t want the effort of putting the balls in a sock, you can purchase a device like this at a sporting goods store or Amazon for $14.99. It’s basically two lacrosse balls attached. Personally I don’t mind the effort and I like the flexibility to change the width to target different muscle groups according to my body size.

One caution about the lacrosse balls. I’ve purchased different lacrosse balls in the past for myself and my clients but the last lacrosse balls I got had a very strong smell to it. It was individually wrapped so I didn’t know but they smell like gasoline or this very distinct chemical smell. Washing didn’t help and I don’t know if it will dissipate over time but if you are getting a lacrosse ball, smell it first or read the reviews and make sure nobody is complaining about the smell. As far as I know Brine brand lacrosse balls don’t smell.

Homemade Lacrosse Ball Back Massage Tool http://bit.ly/mm-051815