Homemade massage tool I keep in my car

Homemade massage tool I keep in my car

This week I’m going to show you a massage tool that I keep in my car. All you need is a sock and two lacrosse balls. Put the lacrosse balls in a sock and close the top. Put it on the muscles next to the spine. Especially in a long drive my lower back gets tired so this really helps.

I sometimes start higher on my back and as I drive I move the body forward to let it drop on my back. I also put it on my shoulder between the shoulder blade and the spine. If you put it on the same spot for a long time it can get numb so be careful.

If you have a broader back or if you want to target the muscles farther from the spine, create more space between the balls and put it on the muscles that you want to massage.

This is very simple and effective massage tool. You might want to try it.

Happy Massaging!

10-28-13 Homemade massage tool I keep in my car http://youtu.be/qenjXNGZq64

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