How I Would Massage on a Bed (Massage Monday #539)

Unless you own a massage table, when you massage someone, you do it either in a sitting position, lying on the floor or lying on the bed.

I am so used to massaging someone on a massage table with access from all four sides, so I actually find it challenging to massage someone on a regular bed with a limited access. This week I will show you how I would massage someone on a regular bed whether at home or when traveling.

Have the receiver lie face down towards the edge of the bed. If you will be massaging a lot on the bed, I highly recommend this face cradle that you can stick under the mattress so the receiver can lie face down and breathe. Otherwise, the receiver has to turn their neck to one side which can cause a neck strain. You can watch another video on how to use this tool from the link below. It’s a good investment but only if you are committed to practicing.

If you’re going to massage the arm, the distance from the edge should be about the upper arm length so you have enough room to massage the arm on the bed and off to the side of the bed comfortably. And massage where you can reach comfortably.

Always try to keep your back straight, not bent or twisted because you’re not going to last and you’ll end up in pain. Or sit by pulling up a chair. You can kneel on the bed too to be very close to the receiver.

Since you can’t reach the other side comfortably, the receiver needs to reposition to have the other side massaged.

Depending on your weight, you could straddle and sit on your partner but be very careful. Make sure you sit on their hip or lower. Don’t sit on their waist where there is no rib support especially if the bed is soft. You could put too much weight and cause injury. And avoid sitting on the back of the knee where it’s very sensitive.

So this is how I would massage someone with or without the clothes on a regular bed.

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