How I’m Making Money during the Lockdown (Massage Monday #491)

As you may know, California is under lockdown since last week. This week I’m going to share what I’m doing to make some money on a side while I can’t work.

When I say lockdown, it’s not like you can’t leave the house. Luckily, you can still do essential things such as grocery shopping or going for a walk as long as you maintain the social distance of 6 feet. Other times, you are supposed to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. However, many people hit the beaches and trails over the weekend and I heard they are now closed. Thanks people!

I haven’t been out for 2 days. In fact, I haven’t spoken a single word for like 36 hours so this is actually good that I’m talking. I’m not the kind that verbalizes everything that’s going on in my head or talk to myself aloud.

Like millions of other people, I am not working because I can’t. Spa is closed to comply with the California Governer’s Order. I am not massaging my private clients either because according to CAMTC, it stands for California Massage Therapy Council, which is the governing body for massage businesses and therapists, “Massage has not been identified as an essential function.” Of course. It’s very hard to massage someone from 6 feet away while maintaining the social distance. Massage is unthinkable right now when people can’t even shake hands with each other.

For the first time, I applied for Unemployment Insurance like millions of others in the US. I feel terrible for others in the same boat. Since I don’t have dependants I’m going through this situation very quietly at home as I re-evaluate my priorities and plan for the life after the pandemic. I see this disruption also as a spiritual intervention which gave us the opportunity to plan our future from a new perspective.

Although I can’t work hands-on, I have some income sources. This YouTube is one of them although I’m not making thousands or tens of thousands of dollars every month like other successful YouTubers… yet. I’m basically making gas money but then I’m not driving right now so I guess that helps.

Another thing I’m doing is Amazon business. Besides Amazon affiliate income, I’ve been doing this book arbitrage following this program called Zen Arbitrage for about 6 months.

Basically, you get the access to the data mining program to find a treasure to resell on Amazon. I love it because I love to research, I can do this anywhere, anytime, I don’t have to carry inventory, I don’t have to talk to people, I don’t have to do email marketing, I can choose to do more or less volume, and Amazon handles all the payments, shipments and returns.

I use a reliable prep service, so I don’t even see or touch the products. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You definitely have to learn and work at it. It has taken me some time to get used to it but this program is very detailed and their Facebook community is amazing. They are very supportive by sharing tips and helping other members. I had always been interested in Amazon business and this program has given me the foundation that I can apply to sell other things which I have.

Here is what I’ve done on my spare time this year.

I actually came across a copycat program first which was way more expensive. It turns out Peter Valley of Zen Arbitrage was the original creator of this tool which is much more affordable and robust compared to the other program.

Click Here

I will put the link in the description and the comment below so you can check it out if this is something that piques your interest. I’ve seen people do it from outside of the US as well.

Now I’m convinced the importance of having multiple sources of income based on your interest. You only live once so you might as well do something that you enjoy doing. Personally I highly recommend something online or something passive because you may live a lot longer than your body can work or your body wants to work. Or you may get incapacitated. And you can’t always depend on the government assistance. Anyway, learning something new is a wonderful way to productively use this down time during the lockdown.

So this is what this job-less massage therapist is doing while I can’t touch people.

I’m thinking about doing a webinar or something on Couples Massage too since many people are stuck at home and I’m sure it can be very stressful. Stay tuned.

Stay healthy and safe!

Massage Monday #491 How I’m Making Money during the Lockdown