How massage is like a meal

Sometimes I get asked if I’m worried about losing massage clients if I teach couples massage.

My answer is “Absolutely Not!!

It is just like a meal. This is how so:

– You cook a meal for yourself, sometimes a microwave dinner => you massage yourself, sometimes using a massage chair

– You cook a meal for your family and friends at home => you massage your family and friends at home

– You go to a restaurant for a meal that is prepared by a professional chef => You go to a spa for a massage by a professional massage therapist

I hope this makes sense. You see, there are different levels that both meal and massage provides. That’s why I’m not worried about reduced demand for my massage by teaching couples how to massage. In fact, when people realize how healing and beneficial massage at home is, maybe people will appreciate and want more professional massage? Coming from abundance, not scarcity, I see there is abundance of stress from work, relationship, money, etc. especially now in this economy and abundance of need for healing.

How about comfort massage which feels good and makes you digest better and sleep well, instead of comfort food which tastes good but may make you big and feel bad, and keep you up all night with heartburn? πŸ™‚

Happy Massaging!