How My Friend Healed Bell’s Palsy in 2 Weeks – Massage Monday #536

Today I’m going to share a story of my friend who had Bell’s Palsy last year and how she healed herself in 2 weeks.

Hi everyone, I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. I was talking to my friend in Japan over Zoom and I learned that she had Bell’s Palsy last year, but she healed herself in 2 weeks. So today I will share her story because I’ve had request on Bell’s Palsy in the past.

This is not a replacement for your medical treatment. I’m just going to share her experience for an informational purpose only. You are welcome to use it as a reference.

One day, she woke up and realized she could not close her left eye while washing her face and could not closed her mouth while brushing her teeth. There was no pain or weird feeling or any signs that was coming beforehand. It just happened all of a sudden.

She went to a doctor. She didn’t have any accident or injury or itrauma from the outside and they did some kind of brain scan and it didn’t show anything, her blood pressure was normal and her organs were healthy. So she was diagnosed as stress as the cause. At that time, they were going through pseudo-stay at home order in Japan. According to her doctor, even if she wasn’t aware, there were lot of things going on and lot of changes going around and it is possible that unconsciously handling all these issues and having stress inside. She said that was very scary to her.

She was given anti-biotics which she completed but she didn’t take any other medications. She opted-out from other drugs.

Once home she started working on herself. The left side of her face was colder then the right side, so she would warmed up with a warm towel to get the circulation going. And whenever she could, she would massage her left face and she is not trained as a massage therapist or esthetician so she she would just pinch her face again to get the circulation going. Also, she was stimulating the reflexes on her ear, hand and foot.

In ear reflexology, upside down fetus is mapped to an ear and the head area is the earlobe. So you can stimulate the head.

In hand reflexology, the head or brain are tip of the middle finger. On Zoom she was massaging her middle finger a lot so I’m sure she was massaging this finger.

And in foot reflexology, the head is the big toe. Some charts show brain on the tips of all toes.

She approached her body as being covered in muscles and it’s all connected. She would take a bath she would make funny faces to exercise her face and massage her face.

She also videotaped herself every day and just notice small change every day celebrated it with a belief that she will recover. She didn’t see much difference in the first week but she kept working on herself and videotaped herself. It was a gradual process but after 2 weeks, she was able to recover and she was back to normal and surprised her doctor.

I don’t know how to tell the severity of her case and what worked for her may not work for other people with Bell’s Palsy. This is just one example and she wanted me to say, “No matter what, don’t give up.” So that was her message.

Massage Monday #536 Bell’s Palsy