How To Avoid Hurting Your Fingers During Couples Massage

When you give a massage you often hurt your fingers. This week I’m going to show you how to avoid hurting your fingers during massage.

You hurt your fingers because you are trying to generate all the pressure just with your finger strength but for pressure you should really be using your body weight instead of just the finger strength. Whenever you feel burning or shaking, it’s a sign that you are not using your body weight.

To maximize the use of your body weight, close your armpits and keep your arms close to your body, because when your armpits are open and your hands are away from your body, you will start using your hand strength and finger strength to give a massage and start putting a burden on your body elsewhere.

You will notice that when your armpits are closed your hands are close to your body, you have to position yourself closer to the receiver and you have to move the entire body to move your hands. Keep your head up and your back straight and remember to avoid these bad postures.

When I attended a body mechanics workshop they tied my elbows behind me and I had to work with very limited range of motion but it forced me to get very close to the client’s body and use my body weight for the pressure. Of course it’s impractical to do all the massages this way but it was a good way to practice.

2-22-16 How To Avoid Hurting Your Fingers During Couples Massage