How to be a good massage receiver

How to be a good massage receiver

It takes two to make the massage experience great. Last week I talked about how to be a good massage giver. This week I’ll talk about how to be a good massage receiver.

1. Communicate clearly. Be specific about the pressure you want using a pain scale of 1-10 if necessary. Be specific about the location using right, left, up, or down. Your specific request helps you get what you want. I know someone who tries to communicate with “big sighs” during massage. Unless you know the massage giver is a psychic, please use words. Be nice as you give your directions. It really helps to use the word “please.” Especially if you’re getting a free massage at home from your partner, they are doing you a favor so be nice.
2. Motivate the giver. If it feels good, tell them so. Use a positive reinforcement to make the giver want to give you more. When you are asked how it is and you just say “ok” it kind of deflates the giver’s motivation to do more. You don’t have to lie but if something feels good, let them know with a little bit of exaggeration. Use the positive reinforcement before you make a specific request too. For example, “Oh that feels good. Can you please try that little bit to the right?” Don’t forget to thank the giver at the end of the massage.
3. Be a big flat noodle. Receiving is a gift to the giver. When you are receiving a massage, be a big flat noodle and completely relax. Don’t try to help the giver. When I massage hands, people often extend their fingers instead of relaxing. It’s actually harder to massage when your muscles are stiff. Just relax and enjoy receiving.

To re-cap on how to be a good massage receiver, communicate clearly, motivate the giver, and be a big flat noodle. Of course the massage giver has to create the environment for the receiver to do these. Be a good massage giver and good massage receiver to enhance your massage experience.

Happy Massaging!

12-30-13 How to be a good massage receiver

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